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NON-Splill Water Bowl
British Flag Winner of
'Best British Product
Development 2008' GWIIN Awards


Pet Product Winner

Peter Purves.jpg"One of the best inventions of the past 20 years - perfect for my Dachshunds"
Peter Purves BBC TV5 Stars

The Sunday Times

- It won't spill the contents
even in a moving car

The Observer

- Rolls Royce of dog bowls

The Sunday mirror

- Everyone is lapping up this
great invention

National enquirer USA

- Doggone Brilliant

The Sun

- Genius dog bowl design

"A fantastic dog bowl. The Road Refresher is genuinely unspillable no matter what you do."
Tessa, Milford, Surrey, UK5 Stars

Fairfax search and rescue team USA

Fairfax search and rescue team USA The Rescue team with their dogs, and Road Refresher bowls, during a training session.

save the lives of American citizens at disaster zones such as the US Embassy Bombing in Kenya, the EQs in Turkey and Taiwan, the Pentagon, the Space Shuttle explosion, Hurricane Katrina, as well as a bunch of other hurricanes.

The Fairfax search and rescue team use the Road Refresher on route to disaster zones and on routine journeys to ensure the rescue dogs arrive refreshed and in tip top condition to save lives. Sonja from Fairfax Search and Rescue team said "I love your water bowls! Even with the way I drive, they still don't spill- now that's amazing. They are much nicer than any others I have seen".

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